Speak Up! the magazine for manifold remarks and unlike identities  
issue no 3  Better life than bare lifestyle

Released and exhibited at the exhibition LOCKED IN! VISIBILITY at Casino Luxembourg April 2008 - 
curated by Philippe Hardy and Maria Rus Bojan - katalogue

Released and exhibited in rum46, DK 2008 - distributed in  public and semi-public spaces and intervene in the flow of ‘other’ lifestyle magazines

A Tanja Nellemann & Grete Aagaard co-lab - 
with assistence from Anne Noller Nygaard
 curating  collaborations  bio  works & projects  news and current projects Casino Luxembourg, LU 2008

Speak Up! is handed out 
for free during the exhibition 
Speak Up! - in a public waiting room 2009 rum46. Aarhus DK 2008

DK Speak Up! release and exhibition The theme of this issue focusses on life, lifestyle and economy in a time that seems to show a paricular awareness for issues of identity, imagemaking.... In this issue we aim to give critical comments on the theme  ‘better life than bare lifestyle’ within the frame of public ‘co-life-style-producing’ elements and present Speak UP no 3 as a life life-style magazine.
WELCOME TO Speak Up! issue no. 3
Better life than bare lifestyle
Speak Up! No.3 Better Life than bare Lifestyle deals with life, financial circumstances and lifestyle in our identity-conscious and identity-seeking age.
Speak Up! has invited a number of contributors who all relate to the issues of forming identity in a world where life seems to be more engaged in, rather than stimulated by, all the things which happen and grow in the spaces in front of and between us.
Our aim is to embrace this complexity and to accommodate different views on how life and lifestyle can be managed.
As such, this edition of Speak Up! contributes a critical remark as well a positive response to the mass of lifestyle magazines. Using the template of a glossy magazine format we wish to discuss the paradoxes and to offer the reader more than just five minutes to flick through.
We offer a playful, unfinished chance to create a new identification and identity, and we pay tribute to lethargic, fragile, critical contexts and manifold ways of living.
Tanja Nellemann and Grete Aagaard
In the  installation: 
The magazine Speak UP!, 
selections from fx the magazine part ‘Every Day Life` - extended into text and visual wall and window pieces’ .

Image on the wall: the midpages from the magazine as a big size lambda print. 

Two electronis photo frames show extra text and visual material concerning the actual urban space.

Snow Dome withthe text
- authentesity
Read Speak UP! as ! as pdf / dowmload
Collaborators and contributors to this issue come from varried cultural, ethnic, proffesional backgrounds and fields: 

Anke HAarmann (D), Emilian Cioc (RO), Gitte Larsen (DK), Karen Klitgaard Poulsen, (DK), Kirsten Otzen Keck (DK), Minerva Cuevas (MEX), Berit Nørgaard (DK), Ayreen Anastas (Palestine/NY), Matthie Laurette (F), Christopher Bruno (F), Tony de Marco (BRAZIL), Tine Hvolby (DK), Tina Lynge (DK), Anne Noller Nygaard (DK) Tanja Nellemann & Grete Aagaard (DK)
 grete aagaard :::
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