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GRETE AAGAARD  - visual artist -  lives in Aarhus, Denmark


The work of Grete Aagaard is socially and political motivated and she aim to explore and develop strategies of critical, collaborative and aesthetic character – questioning the use of our common democratic and public spaces. By dealing with an art practise and a strategy based on social/ political engagement, interdisciplinary collaborations and participatory projects she aim to integrate and link her work to the surrounding society. 


Grete Aagaard, Educated at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam (NL) (1994-1998). Studies in Art History, Culture&Aestetics (1987-1991) and Rhetoric Theory (2001), Aarhus University DK) 


Kunstnersamfundet DK/ Artists Society DK


Łaźnia Contemporary Art Center, Gdansk (PL), 2015
re_HERB, Aathus (DK) 2015, 
PASA, Istanbul (Tur), 2014
Womens Museum (DK) 2013-14, Research Room,
GyBByg, Mexico City (MX) - 2014 
PASAJist art space, Istanbul (TU), 2014
NoLugar, Quito (EC) Convicciones, 2012
bull-mengers, (DK) 2012 
Casa Vecina, Casa Talavera, Mexico City, (MX), 2010, 2012
ALT_cph (DK) 2011 - 
Emely Harvey Galley New York, 2010
De Paul Museum Chicago, 2010
NBKB Berlin, 2010
ET4U Nees (DK) 2011 -  
2. World congress of free artists Aarhus Art Building (DK) 
GALLERIE IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna, (A), ‘
Direct Democracy’, rum46 (DK) 2009 (DK) ‘
Locked In’, Casino Luxembourg, (LU), 2008, 
I Know the World, SMART Project Space Amsterdam (NL) 2008, 
I Know The World 2, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin (D) 2007, 
Speak UP! DenFrieUdstillingsbygning, Copenhagen (DK) 2007; ’
The Political Speech’, Galleri 54, Göteborg, (S) 2007, 
Pedagogical Factory, Hyde Park Art Centre Chicago (USA) 2007, 
ÅMX, Rooseum, Malmø (S) 2006, 
The Future of Residential Areas, Køge Kunstmuseum/The Art Museum for Sketches Køge, DK 2006, ‘
On Sensibility’, University of Dundee, Scotland 2004, 
‘dobbeltop’, The Art Museum of Sketches, Køge DK. 2005  

	Grete Aagaard has made texts and visual contributions to fx Closer to Stranger, Poland 2015, 
MALMÖ Culture Journal, Vienna 2011, Almanac of Political Art, B&B, London (UK) 2006 and MULTITUDES documenta12 issue, Magazine, (FR) 2007. 

She has furthermore been performing a number of poetic and political actions’ in public and urban spaces in DK and abroad.  


2000 – 2015 + 
RUM46  - co- curator of the exhibition space rum46 , Aarhus DK  annual programs + long term thematic projects:  

2014 - 2015	LÆSERUM
2013-2015	MAKING SOCIAL REALITIES WITH BOOKS- co-lab w. Brett Bloom/DJK 
2012		         rum46 outsourshed DK/Tur
2011, 2008, 	’school for non-productive learning 
2007-2008 –     WORKafFAIR in co-lab w. A. Raithel
2005-2006 -      Solidarity UNLIMITED? 
2003-2004 -      Gæstebud-Feast/Hospitality 

2015 – 2017
SIGRIDS STUE – project leader Sigrids Stue - platform for contemporary art, Gellerup, Aarhus DK . 
2012 - 2015
MUØ – Project leader of MUØ-med unge øjne / FRESH EYES – art, health and learning. Project made for and in collaboration with children/youth in the neighbouthood Community House, Toisgårdsladen, Gellerup DK 
2009 - 2012
‘besigtigelser’: Together with documentarist L. Henningsen - a mobile and  site specific platform for contemporary art projects and documentary film productions.  2009 - 2012

ONGOING PROJECTS / and publishing

Neighbourhood Remarks: -  series of action, video, texts and participatory productions 

Speak Up! The magazine for manifold remarks and unlike identities. – ongoing magazine production - Initiated in 2006 w. Tanja Nellemann


AagaardNellemannSkou - a collaboration w. artists T. Nellemann and L.Skou: exhibition design, communication, workshops for museums eg:
2013-15 Palastine cultural heritage and memories. Workshops/exhibition design for Museums in DK, NL and Palastine. 2012-13 MUSLIM women art and voices The Danish Women Museum, Internatinal Museum of Women (US) The Sharjah Museum U.A.E. - 2011-12 The Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry - The Daughters of Diana: Female hunters then and now 2010-11 The Danish Women Museum - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, 


2014-15, Gdansk, Polen 2011 Quito, Ecuador, No Lugar Platform for contemporary Art. 2009/10  Mexico City - PAC and The Danish Art Agency. 2009	Istanbul - Aarhus Art Council. 2008 Quito –  . 2007 Chicago, Berlin - The Danish Art Agency and The Danish Embassy 


2015 Talk on the participatory museum, Architect School Aarhus DK,  
2014 Talk on hospitality, Laznia Art Center, Gdank Poland, 
2013-14 Research Room, Womens Museum (DK) 2013 FAIR, Godsbanen (DK): talk. Aarhus University, Art History: Talk on tum46 practise, Aarhus Art akademi (DK): Talk on participatory strategies Workshop/talk – collaborative exhibition design, DK, Palestine 2012/13 MUSLIMA: Workshop_Womens Museum, DK + museums in Fr, Emirater, USA, Philipinerne - colab. nellemann_skou_aagaard, 2
012 Workshop/ communication, Egaa High school, Statsgymnasiium Aarhus DK  Talk – NR. Nissum, VIA University Collage DK– on participatory art/youth projects 2011 Talk: Eftertryk Alt_ArtFair Encounteres- Copenhagen, DK, 2010 Talk/workshop/consulent–Pimp Your Hood - on citizen involvement projects, Herredsvang Cultural Center DK